James agbor

"Bidemi is an entertainer per excellence: he uses his creative skills to deliver an all round package that satisfies even the hardest critics. I have no doubt that his foray into acting/producing and directing will

revolutionalise that industry in Nigeria and beyond.”

Funmilola Malomo

" He is a great guy with great sense of humour and easy to work with, he has a cretive mind and great story teller with his camera.  Watch his latest film (Ìmálà) and it is so hilarious that I will recommend it as an antidepressant.  Don't forget to take your dose with your family.”

Deji Shorinwa

"Bidemi is a natural entertainer with a spark of genius. His

performance was simply outstanding and ensured all our guest were truly entertained. A "true Master of Ceremony" and a must for functions where fun and entertainment are the order of the day. Without any reservation I recommend his delightful service.”

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